As of April 2024, the SCT has preserved a total of 237 acres of land. We have acquired by donation 127 acres, and we hold conservation restrictions on 109 acres in the town of Sandwich. Of this about 140 acres can be described as upland consisting largely of woods and undergrowth.About 97 acres are wetland, mostly salt marsh.

These areas are protected from development and provide habitat for wildlife, contribute to carbon sequestering, biodiversity, and help to sustain clean water ecosystems.

Though some of the parcels are small, each is important in its own way. Six of our properties have walking trails that the SCT maintains. We welcome visitors to take a break from busy lives and enjoy the sights, sounds, and silence they may encounter.

Please observe Leave No Trace protocols and contact us if you find anything that requires attention.

With the exception of Great Island Preserve, dogs are welcome accompanied by their owners on a leash or kept close under voice command. Great Island Preserve is a dog-free area due to the fragile environment. Research has shown that when wildlife detect the presence of a dog (even just their scent left behind), it causes them to avoid or abandon the area. We ask that responsible dog owners visit alternative sites with their canine companions.

We are all caregivers of the land!


Elinor's Wood49R Ploughed Neck Road4.96Heavily wooded marsh edge, Trails
Joe's Woods 51 Roos Road 6.94Pine/Oak woods, adjacent to Town Cons. trail, Trails
Shirley's Woods14 Spring Hill Road1.22Woods
Toolas PreserveGreat Island Road6.36Field, Pine woods next to Spring Hill Creek
Great Island PreserveNorth of Route 6A in Spring Hill Village4.5
Osborne-Sherman Preserve15 Gully Lane, East Sandwich