The SCT is updating!

closup short of a flowerWe are happy to announce that we have rebuilt our website.  It contains more information, images, and useful features, and is formatted to be viewed on various size screens. Please contact us if you prefer to receive paper-based vs. digital communications. You can look forward to more frequent postings on social media, and be sure to keep us up to date with your contact information, using the membership for or by emailing us at

We are also making it easier to send donations and join or renew membership using Zeffy, a secure third party platform that operates like PayPal, but does not charge fees. 

What future goals does the SCT have? We want to grow - in membership, trustees, financial assets, and to preserve more land. We plan to expand our collaboration with other non-profits and the town departments. Ultimately we want the organization to last!  We need to encourage the younger generations to join the cause, and we hope the new website will help to kick-start this effort. 

Posted by Lynn Cullity, webmaster SCT